Artist Biograpy and Works Certification

CertArt is a system for creating artist biographical resumes and making artwork certifications that creates printable authentications for the artist and retains an electronic copy that can be consulted online forever, The general catalog and archive, while ensuring the artist's total privacy

[traduci testo = ‘Finché Certart sarà in versione di lancio tutti i servizi attivi ora saranno gratuiti per sempre!;While Certart is in launch version all services active now will be free forever!’]

CertArt is an innovative system for creating artist biographical resumes, offering an effective methodology for organizing educational and artistic experiences. In addition, CertArt is indispensable for the creation of professional authenticity certifications of artworks, as it not only creates prints of the authentications for the artist but they are stored in an electronic format that can be consulted online permanently.

The system also makes it possible to create a general catalog and historical archive of the works, while also providing effective protection against theft by affixing a unique number to each work. In this way, the artist can securely and reliably protect his or her work.

However, CertArt guarantees the total privacy of the artist, protecting personal data and sensitive information in a strict and secure manner. In this way, the artist can focus on his or her creative activity without worrying about any risks to his or her privacy.

CertArt is not a social network, it is not a portal, and it is not a catalog! CertArt is a professional system with which no one will know (except by choice of the artist) who use it and how many works have produced. 

Enhance your identity as an artist

For an artist involved in contemporary art, submitting a resume is a key aspect of building a solid and lasting career in the art world. In fact, a well-structured and comprehensive résumé can be a key determinant in establishing relationships with galleries, museums, journalists, and collectors, and in gaining more opportunities to exhibit and sell one’s work.

Unique code

Receive your unique international code that will identify you without confusion in the art world

Dedicated domain

Use your assigned domain and site to disseminate your biographical resume and portfolio

Biographical Record

Create an artist resume suitable for dealings with galleries, museums, institutions, collectors, and journalists

PDF Curriculum

Generate your biographical resume layout in PDF format whenever you want

Activity history

Highlight exhibitions, residencies, awards, and all your activities to value your artistic journey

QR Code

Get your personal QR code to instantly spread your art references

Tools for journalists

Allow journalists to easily download your photo hires and data in editable format


The dedicated website, curriculum and exportable data are always available in both Italian and English


Synchronize data with your personal site and redirect your portfolio from your Certart site